WYN flagship shop in Taiwan
13 Jul 2015
Wong Yiu Nam flagship shop did trial opening in No.108, Sec. 1, Guangfu Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County 928, Taiwan (R.O.C.) from 11th July,2015. Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall is a century old shop selling Chinese herbs,Chinese patent medicines, health food and nutritional supplements. In 2009, Singapore Wong Yiu Nam officially co-partners with Ma Kuang Healthcare Group, hoping to bring a greater variety in branding that is more suited to the current market, and to create a new value, providing the locals with more health services.

New opening in Tianjin
27 May 2015
Furui clinic, the 15th branch under Tianjin Pharmceutical Ma Kuang Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd., did trial opening from 13th May, 2015. The clinic has an excellent medical team, comfortable environment and advanced equipment in order to provide nearby residents with professional and trustworthy service. Now the main service includes TCM consultation and physical examination, gradually increasing dental and Gynecological department. Eventually it will develop into an advanced and comprehensive medical clinic.

Ma Kuang invested a new company
14 Oct 2014
Tianjin Leiyi Laser Tech Co.,LTD.,founded in 1994, derived from tianjin institute of laser technology,now it is a high and new technology enterprise.The Mainly production is laser medicale quipment,all are class iii medical devices approvaled by national drug administration.Also make cars and highway reflector position finder, optical demonstration instrument and hairdressing apparatus, etc. 2014.09.05 Ma Kuang invested Tianjin Laser Technology Co., Ltd and spent RMB 816 million on 51% equity.

Ma Kuang appointed new chairman
10 Oct 2014
Ma Kuang Healthcare Group Pte Ltd appointed Huang Po Wen to be new chairman

Ma Kuang Collaboration with Singapore Private Education Group
02 Jul 2014
Ma Kuang healthcare group announce an acquisition agreement with Singapore private education group,SGP International Management Academy and Ascensia Academy, with Ma Kuang having 70% stake in each of the two acquisitions. The acquisition of credits approximately 4.2 million SGD (approximately NT $ 100 million). The acquisition will build a group of medical, entrepreneurship training base. Acensia Education Group belongs to business administration, business management, health care administration personnel training center, with an annual revenue of about 100 million to 120 million RMB. Not only this will strengthen our talent development of energy, it also contribute to consolidated revenue. According to Legal assessment, Ma Kuang July sales exceeded $ 50 million with a three percent increase. With effect from July 1, after signing with the Ascensia Education Group , equity transfer will continue to spend about $ 40 million in August, M & Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Ray intended to build Asia's major medical pathway. Ma Kuang share price yesterday to close at 89.7 RMB.

Ma Kuang Tianjin Expansion
30 Jun 2014
F-Ma Kuang (4139), Tianjin, China announced that Ma Kuang has acquired six qualified Medicare designated institutions, coupled with the current five sentinel health. CEO Huang Chuan Sheng mention that Ma Kuang can make use of this advantage of 11 base to expand Ma Kuang medical chains. Huang Chuan Sheng said that 2014 will be a big outbreak for Ma Kuang in addition to ongoing chain services stronghold, it also plans to open two more general hospitals, as well as dental, cosmetic medicine, obstetrics and gynecology hospital, and is expected with Tianjin number of hospitals of patients evacuation cooperation mechanism established to construct better community health services network. In addition, Ma Kuang Healthcare Group will step into the pension, health management and professional training in areas such as health care, medical services will be upgraded to a more comprehensive level of health care services. Due to great gains ahead China, Ma Kuang recent strong share price rose yesterday, also rose 1 RMB to 92 RMB. Ma Kuang branched out in 2012 into Chinese medical service market, combined with Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group, and the Hong Kong CITIC Group was established. This healthcare investment management company provide high-quality, affordable health care services to two years in succession in Tianjin provisioning stronghold of the 15 hospital chain, which includes a medical cosmetic specialist hospitals. Huang Chuan Sheng said Ma Kuang ended by the end of April last year, has made five Medicare designated agency eligibility again yesterday made six designated health care institutions qualify, this 11 sentinel health, evenly distributed in the Tianjin Binhai New Area Administrative Region. This advantage provide Tianjin citizens better quality and more convenient medical services. In September 2013 China's State Council published "Opinions on Promoting healthy development of service industry," clearly put forward in 2020 the total size of the health services industry reached a target of over RMB 8, and to develop a market access, layout, investment and financing guide, pricing policy and taxation, regulations and standards and regulatory and other supporting policies, as good as a major benefit for multiple medical services.

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