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Ma Kuang’s main clinic in Middle Road emerged in September 1999. Since then, it has deeply plowed its way till today, Nowadays, Ma Kuang has progressed with 20 over TCM clinics and TuiNa centres distributed islandwide. Ma Kuang has already established a trademark in TCM chain setup.

Ma Kuang’s team of medical staffs aims to treat their patients with “Love, Service, Professionalism, Sincerity”, physicians, TuiNa therapists, assistances offer a comprehensive and professional TCM healthcare services:

  • Adults



    TCM Orthopedics

    Weight Management

    Pain Management


    TCM Aftercare
“Looking, smelling and hearing, questioning and palpating” are the four diagnostics of TCM to observe the health condition of a patient. Ma Kuang specializes in TCM treatment under the leadership of a professional brand. On a basis of Chinese and Western medical science, in conjunction with medical knowledge and rich practice experience.

Treatments as below are provided:

  • TCM Consultation


    TuiNa Therapy


    Gua Sha/ Scrapping

    TDP Lamp

We are committed in providing high quality products, with the launch of more than 20 types of Ma Kuang branding healthcare products and introducing hundred types of Chinese medicinal powder and Chinese proprietary medicine. Ma Kuang’s manufacturer factory obtained “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) authentication and passed Health Science and Authority (HSA) appraisal and approval. You can find the high quality products in all Ma Kuang’s Singapore TCM clinics.

  • Chinese medicinal powder

    Healthcare products

    Chinese proprietary medicine

By modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and discriminating process, Ma Kuang is committed to promote the philosophy of TCM worldwide and hopes to help the public to “walk out” of their illnesses and enjoy a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Ma Kuang provides a reliable and high quality one-stop TCM clinic and healthcare services network to the public to become one of the leaders in industry. Ma Kuang has established a professional branding image and has obtained a good branding reputation.

Tianjin Makuang Medical Chain

Tianjin Pharmaceutical-Ma Kuang Medical Investment Management Co. Ltd.

Singapore Ma Kuang Healthcare Group and Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group collaborated and established the first Sino-foreign joint-venture medical institutions-- Tianjin Pharmaceutical-Ma Kuang Medical Investment Management Co., July, 2011.In 2014, there are 20 medicare insurance designated community hospitals and medical cosmetology specialist hospitals operating successively and expanding continuously.

Presently, Ma Kuang professional medical team comprises of retired specialists and young physicians with higher education and many years of working experience, all of which are from grade three-class A hospitals such as Tianjin Medical University Main Hospital, Tianjin People Hospital and TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital. The Group will give regular trainings to the medical technology and administrative staffs, carry out regular academic exchange programme on medical specialisations and mutual learning communications among Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Tianjin to form a good progress in improving the quality of medical services.

Departments in outpatient clinics presently include Internal, Gynaecology, Paediatric, Orthodontic, TCM, Medical examination, Medical imaging.

Medical cosmetology services consists of Cosmetic surgery, Cosmetic dermatology, and Cosmetic dentistry.

Services Concept: Trust, Professionalism, Service.

Herbs Retail

Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall Pte Ltd

The acquisition of Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall by Ma Kuang Healthcare Group in 2009 helps channels diversity and brand strategy to generate new value so as to provide public more healthcare options.

With old branding but new structure Wong Yiu Nam upholds professionalism in the quality of Chinese herbs and provides appropriate Chinese herbs services according to the market and the modern lifestyle.

Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall was established in Guangzhou during the end era of Qing Dynasty. In 1935, it was established in Singapore and upholding the concept of “Spare no effort to save people, using medicine honestly without cheating”. Many masters have rendered their services for over 30 years, with many years of experience picking raw herbal materials to give the public a high standard of quality control. In terms of price, Wong Yiu Nam offers worth of values products at reasonable change.

The present Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall has become a century old shop retailing high quality Chinese herbs, Chinese proprietary medicine, health food and health supplements in which the healthcare products and Chinese proprietary medicine cater for the needs of different clients. Products of Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall not only include traditional Chinese herbs such as bird’s nest, Ginseng, Antler horn, Ganoderma lucidum (LingZhi),Gastrodia (TianMa), American ginseng and Cordyceps, further planning to develop different types of instant consumption solution.

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